Sebastian Pasternacki
Cisco Systems Polska/

Network and systems engineer with over 15 years experience in the IT industry. Since mid-2011 worked at Cisco Systems Polska, first in the Partners Technical Support department, responsible for support, development and technical trainings for Cisco partners across Poland, since mid-2013 as Consulting Systems Engineer in the Enterprise Networks dep., focused on router-level solutions and services, and since May 2014 as Vertical Solutions Architect. Before Cisco he gained his experience both in Poland and Ireland, working as a network engineer and consultant for such companies as British Telecom, PlanNet21 and NextiraOne. Enterprise solutions expert in area of Routing & Switching, Security and Mobility. Holds a number of certificates, including a quadruple CCIE #17541 R&S/SEC/SP/Wireless and CCDE #2012::9. Privately, an enthusiast of rock and heavy metal music, spicy oriental food, fan of pumping ironing and recently aficionado of the art of public speaking.