Robert Raszuk

Robert Raszuk – since 1997 he has been working for routing equipment vendors initially in Customer Support team then from 1999 in the Routing Protocol Development Engineering teams. In the years 2007-2009 he worked in Juniper Networks as Distinguished Engineer then 2009-2011 in Cisco Systems IOS team as Principle Engineer. Following to be equipment vendor for nearly 15 years in 2011 he moved to NTT team to focus on defining new network architectures and inventions of new networks services. He holds there a position of Distinguished Research Engineer. He is author & co-author of over 40 patents, number of IETF drafts and RFCs. His focus has been during last years concentrated on large scale routing (mainly BGP), mpls and it’s applications. He has over 16 years of practical experience in the computer networking industry.