Who should join PLNOG Program Council? Apply your candidate!

Become a part of our conference and create the program with us. Help us to create the most important part of the meeting by sending your candidate or applying yourself! Fill out the application form to submit yourself, or your proposal.

Program Committee, elected for one year, is responsible for the schedule of PLNOG. This solution allows us to keep fresh look at the appropriate selection of topics and speakers.

The Committee consist of 18 people - including 6 members from the old Council, 3 candidates elected by our partners, and 9 selected by you - the community of PLNOG! New members of the Program Committee will be selected from the applications received during the Warsaw edition of PLNOG and will take care of the program for the next year.

We accept applications until Sunday (26.02.2017), 23:59!

If you feel really involved in the community and you think that your contribution would be of great value in shaping the agenda of the conference - send your application!