Security first!

Good news - we have analyzed your feedback carefully and decided to offer you what you wanted the most! That’s why a lot of network security topics appeared in the schedule of PLNOG18.

During the upcoming edition of PLNOG we will talk about the dangers that lurk in the world of ICT and about how to defend them! 

- Andrzej Karpiński - Network # 1 - actions and the importance of safety in

the business large telecom

- Tomasz Mikołajek - Security of routing protocols on routers Juniper Networks

- Sebastian Pasternacki - Safety carrier networks and enterprise in

the age of ubiquitous encryption

- Emil Gągała - Explore your application - how to create a security policy with the use of micro-segmentation

- Piotr Wrubel - Overhear optical fiber? Presentation LIVE + encryptors use as a remedy for wiretapping

- Michał Sajdak - IoT hacking in practice

- ...and many, many more! 

What other topics are waiting for you during PLNOG18? Check it out!

Take a look at the schedule and - unless you already have it! - download the Eventory app, where you will not only find all the lectures, but also you will be able to create your personal schedule by selecting the most interesting lectures for you!

See you in Warsaw!