Commitee & advisory board

PLNOG is an exceptional conference for a number of reasons - one of them is genuine care about highest quality of the content, which is supervised by a team of 18 specialists - the Program Committee.

The Committee is assembled from the people, who significantly influenced the development of whole PLNOG initiative, and the whole team is selected annually during winter edition of the conference in Warsaw. The committee can be divided into three subgroups of 6 people, which are:

The Advisory Board - core team of specialists supervising the content of the conference for years

Partner representatives - experts, who were picked by our partners to ensure the best quality of the conference

Community Representatives - democratically selected group of people, who according to the PLNOG community have the best competences to develop the content of the conference

The organizers would like to thank the members of the Committee for an active support in organization of the conference. The Committee members are (in alphabetical order):